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grow healthy. grow happy. whole baby guide


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grow healthy. grow happy.

The Guide to Natural Baby Care

by Becky Cannon


Publication date: Spring 2013

8.5 x 11 inches

Hardcover, full-color


At its heart, grow healthy. grow happy. is a book about raising happy, healthy babies - your baby - and presents a range of choices that you have as a parent, to create the best life possible for your child.

It's a conversation about natural wellness, whole foods, and healthy cooking, and how you can give your child a healthy head start.  It draws from my background in child development, Japanese traditional foods and healing, raising two wonderful children, and 30 years of running my baby products company.

I love babies, and I recognize how earnestly parents take on the challenge of parenting.  That's why I created this guide - for parents like you!

Divided into 5 parts

  • Whole Love
  • Whole Baby
  • Whole Food
  • Whole Cooking
  • Whole Living


  • Balancing Baby with Yin & Yang
  • 5 Nurturing Principles of Nature
  • 7 Natural Pathways to Learning
  • Natural Healing Remedies
  • Best Foods for Baby
  • 50+ Healthy Recipes
  • Inspiration, Activities, Tips & More
  • Bonus apps to track your baby's growth, create easy shopping lists, and more!